How Safe Are Laser Levels? 79% Construction Worker Didn’t Know

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For constructions, laser levels are one of the essential tools for professionals. But how safe are laser levels? Laser levels are entirely safe for any job site. The only issue was the laser beams that can be eliminated with safety glasses.

You can use laser levels for any kind of job site. Do not be concerned about the safety issue. You will be totally fine if you use a safety glass while using a laser level.

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 Laser Level Safety Glasses

laser level safety glasses

Laser Level safety glasses are used to protect the eyes from the harmful wavelength of the laser beam. Safety glasses are extremely important for the users as some of the laser beams are very much sensitive to the retina of the human eye.

The glasses are designed to protect the wavelength that comes from the laser. If you are using a safety glass while working inside, you will get protection from the beam, and the light will be brighter as well.

The safety glasses filter the light that comes from the laser and eliminates the hazardous direct or scattered laser waves that might damage your eyes. Since the safety glass does not impair the beam’s visibility, you may wear them anytime.

Laser Safety

Laser Levels are made to make leveling effortless and more accurate.  They are easy to operate and have a wide range of applications. But as safety is a major issue, the effectiveness also depends on how safe are laser levels.

If you use them appropriately, they are relatively safe. Most of the laser levels are very handy and lightweight. Thus there is no chance of injury while operating them. The only fact you need to consider is the laser beams as they contain radiation that is risky for the human eyes.

Bosch Laser Level Safety

How Safe Are Laser Levels

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Bosch is one of the most popular laser level manufacturers in the world. Most of the Bosch laser level comes with the green laser beam. The green laser beam is the most visible and dangerous as well. Bosch is mostly safe for any kind of application. Still, it’s recommended to use a safety glass while operating a Bosch laser level.

While buying a laser level, check the specifications. The most crucial factor is the laser classification of your product. If you are okay with class 2 or 3R, then don’t go for the other one. For any repairing issue, conduct with a professional to ensure safety.


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Can Laser Levels Damage Your Eyes?

This depends on which laser level you are using and the class of that laser level. If you ensure that the laser beam isn’t affecting your eyes, then it’s fine. However, during a project, you won’t be able to prevent the light from entering your eyes as you need to observe the light most often.

If the laser level beam was close to your eyes for a couple of seconds, that will make your eyes affected, and there will be sudden floaters in your vision. You may feel a moderate headache with eye burning. So make sure you are not looking into the laser beam directly.

There are four common laser beams available: class 2, class 3R, class 3B, and class 4. Among them, class 2 & class 3R are quite safe for the human eye. You should be careful if you are working with lasers with class 3B and class 4. If they go straight into your eyes, it may cause significant issues.

Class 4(IV) is the most dangerous class of laser. This laser may burn your skin if the beam stays pointed for a specific amount of time. You must wear safety glasses and cover your skin while using a laser level of this class.

Can A Class 2 Laser Damage Your Eyes?

A class 2 laser beam can’t damage your eyes as it is comparatively weak. Just make sure that you are not staring at the laser beam for a continuous period of time. A distance of 23 feet from the laser is considered as safe for the human eye. It is recommended to maintain that distance from the laser level.

Final Words

Laser Levels are beneficial for modern constructions. They are safe to use and recommended by professionals. You just need to take care of your eyes by wearing protective glasses. Do not use any laser levels of class 3B or class 4 if you don’t require them. The safety glass won’t create any issue with visibility and will also save you from the laser beams.

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