How To Get Different Laser Colors Into Different Levels : Know The Secrete

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There are multiple colors of laser available for different applications. You should have the proper color for your project. However, is it possible to get different laser colors into different levels?

Unfortunately, you can’t change the default color of a laser level as the devices come with a single color laser beam.

If you want to use the perfect laser for your site, you should know the difference between the laser colors. Though green laser beams are the most popular, you can’t use this one for hospital surgeries.  

Go through this article to know more about different laser colors.

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How To Get Different Laser Colors Into Different Levels?

There are thousands of laser levels you could found on the market. Every laser level has its own setting option in the device. Here you can customize and Get Different Laser Colors Into Different Levels if the device supports that function.

Different Laser Colors Into Different Levels


What Color Laser Is The Most Powerful?

Green color lasers are the most powerful and brighter than any other laser color. This is because the sensitivity of the human eye decreases for longer and shorter wavelengths. The green color has a medium range of wavelength (532nm). This is why green lasers seem brighter than any other color.


Why Are Lasers Different Colors?

There are different colors of lasers as you may require different lasers (wavelength and power) in different applications to make them more effective. For example, a blue laser is preferable for burning, and a red laser is not suitable for a longer distance.

The color is generated by the wavelengths of the various laser modules. That is why it is critical to have effective laser color in order to have high visibility and power as well. There are only 4 popular laser colors. Thus, it is not tough to choose one.


What Color Laser Is Best For Burning?

A laser color with a shorter wavelength and higher energy would be perfect for burning. Blue color has a shorter wavelength of 445nm and a power of 500mW.  This short wavelength allows it to make a stronger focus. Thus blue color is the most effective laser for heat and burning.

How To Change The Color Of A Laser Pointer?

Different Laser Colors Into Different Levels

If you use a ‘Dye’ laser only then you will be able to get different laser colors into different levels. Most of the laser levels come with a single color. If the laser level has a green beam, then you won’t be able to change the color. Plumbing laser levels are exceptional in this case as they include an additional pointer to help you measure while plumbing.

What Color Laser Is The Most Dangerous?

Though green is the most popular one, it’s the dangerous one as well. Green laser pointers include more IR components than any other colors that will cause more retinal damage. This laser color is easily absorbed by the eye as our eye is most sensitive to this color.


What Are The Range Of Lasers Available By Color And Strength?

The laser beams are not categorized by their colors. The color is just what human eyes see. They are differentiated by the wavelength and the power they produce.

The green color is the most used one as this is the most versatile one. The wavelength and the power of this laser produce the most powerful laser beam that is more visible and standard for outside or inside as well.  The green color comes with a wavelength of 532 nm with a power of 5mW to 130mW.

On the other hand, red color was most popular once, but it’s not effective in more modern structures. This laser color is not suitable if you have a long-distance to cover. The wavelength of this color is 630 nm, and the power is 5mW.

The blue light laser comes with a shorter wavelength that allows it to produce a stronger focus. This laser color is used in slightly different applications. For example, the blue color is used for imaging applications and digital photofinishing.

Yellow lasers are the most expensive on this list. They are made of cutting-edge technology and emit a unique beam. Yellow lasers are used to help patients with panic attacks. This laser is very common in hospitals as it has a good effect on several infections. Yellow laser has a wavelength of 445nm with a power of 500mW.

Final Words

Laser levels are very common as they provide lots of technological advancements. A wrong laser level will make your job complex, and it will be useless as well. Thus, choosing the perfect laser color is pretty much essential. The medium-range of wavelengths i.e. green is the preferable one for constructions, while the blue one is recommended for burning.

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