About Me

Hey, I’m M Rashed. The owner of this site. I made this site for some reason. In this digital age, we try to find anything from the internet that needs in our life. And we search mostly on Google. I wanted to make a store of all kinds of topic blog posts for our readers to add more value free of cost as like wikiHow. Here people found there necessary information, how-to guide, buying guide about any product which we will provide based on our practical life experience.

As I say in the first line there is some reason to live this site, the reasons are:

  • Hobby
  • Passion
  • Profession

Yes, for my hobby, passion, and profession I make this site for my audience.

Who Am I

I’m the man behind the site and presently perform a physical job in a power distribution company as a Line Technician. Here I work with High Tension Line and Also Low Tension Line. In my job spaces, I used different types of power and hand tools, Electric tools like impact wrench, spanner wrench, ratchet wrench, hex key wrench, torque wrench, hydraulic compression, Boltcutter, petrol saw, plier, and many other product and gear. Wanted to read more about? Just go TheWikiList.com

What Is The Main Goal Of  This Site

The main goal of this site is to serve unique researched-based practical problem-solving quality content free of cost to our readers. Although we could use advertise and promotional product link to get some money to survive and maintenance of this blog. But it does not affect our readers.