About Me

Hey, I’m Rashed. The man behind the site, The owner, editor of thewikilist.com. Professionally  I worked with a power distribution company as a line crew. There I worked about power (Electricity). But it’s not my passion just a profession to survive my family when I’ve financial crisis and job opportunities are the worst day by day in my country.

Wanted To Know Why I Quit My Job?

I work as a line crew that I mentioned previously. Who loves to be bounded? I think nobody. And I’m also. I love freedom in my life. For this reason, I wanted to try to make something that easy and possible to work from home. And earn money to survive my family. Actually, in my job life, I’m not satisfied with the salary, working time, and leisure time. There has a little opportunity to pass some time for my personal.

My life is netted with too many rules. I was overwhelmed by this job. So I decided to leave my job. And establish me as a digital marketer, blogger.

Wanted To Know Why I Make This Site?

I’m very curious minded about freedom and Entrepreneurship. Believe that it is true that I hate the traditional job but unfortunately, I do this at this time. And it’s only for my family survival. But trying to leave my job and make a business online like blogging, Amazon affiliate marketing, or Drop-shipping as a digital marketer.

Besides my job, I learn WordPress, SEO, Amazon affiliate marketing to make me an Entrepreneur in this digital platform. I already make a successful Amazon affiliate blog site that generates $500/month. You know it’s an inspiration for me to leave the job and work full time online. And Also an inspiration for my readers who wanted to be like me.

I make this website to leave my job and when I quit my job then I work this site full time and survive me and my family. I dream one day I would be an Entrepreneur as a digital marketer.

Here I share tips and my strategies, wrong with me, success stories, and list for everything under the sun. Hope you find my website as a helping resource and it helps you to make your online buying decision without any tension.